A Teaspoon of Grace

Hello. It’s me. I would say I’m back but even saying that is too much of a commitment right now. What I am is here, writing, expressing myself being creative and it feels good. It took me so long to get here, to fight back the negative thoughts, self doubts and soul sucking procrastination butContinue reading “A Teaspoon of Grace”

Day 11 Financial Goals

Financial Goals ** le sigh** I left this area last because personally it is the hardest for me. My goal has always been and will always be to be financially free. That means no debt, a healthy savings account and not be forced to do something because “I need the money”. With out getting intoContinue reading “Day 11 Financial Goals”

Day 8 Lifestyle Goals

What is a lifestyle? Like really? Is it having a life of leisure? A never ending vacation? Brunch and mimosas all day errrday? ( that sounds pretty dope actually). To me my lifestyle goal is a controlled chaos. If I had to pick three words for my ideal lifestyle they would be Ease, excitement, love.Continue reading “Day 8 Lifestyle Goals”

Day 6: Education Goals

One could say to themselves; I’m a grown ass woman I finished school I don’t need any education goals. Au contraire mon ami, everyone should have education goals. I consider myself a life long learner, there is always something to be discovered, enhanced, fine tuned. I have realized that learning is a extension of beingContinue reading “Day 6: Education Goals”

Day 5 : Relationship goals

Day 5. I pondered on what would be my relationship goals but first which relationship needed refining?? This goal can be with any relationship, romantic, friendship, with siblings, coworkers, children. In 2017 I walked away from a long term relationship, literally walked away and never went back. Actually I did go back to retrieve myContinue reading “Day 5 : Relationship goals”

Day 4: 7 Areas to Transform Your Life

So on day 4 I laid the groundwork for the goals I am going to set for myself. Not necessarily as a New Years resolutions, because resolutions are destined to fail with the same likely hood as tattooing your partners name on your body. Not saying it they will definitely fail buttttt if they doContinue reading “Day 4: 7 Areas to Transform Your Life”

Day 3: Goal Setting or setting up for failure?

Got Goals? Of course what self respecting, red blooded american doesn’t have goals? I have long goal, short goals, mini goals, stretch goals, smart goals, insta-goals, bae-goals…..and bagels ( see what I did there). And where so most self respecting abundant co-creating american put these goals?? On a vision board of course! Every year IContinue reading “Day 3: Goal Setting or setting up for failure?”

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