Day 10 -Career Goals

Career Goals are a little tricky considering how I’ve always considered myself having a job rather than a career. Up until my recent job change I would say I have had pretty unfulfilling jobs the past 5 years. Not necessarily dead end jobs but definitely jobs that I couldn’t (and didn’t) see myself having for more than a year. Before you start to think of me as some serial job changer I have worked for the same company but just in various roles. 

As I stated before and 6 months ago I recently changes roles again and while I know that this more than likely will not be my forever job I can see my staying within my current segment for a while. When I think of my ideal role this list comes to mind 

  • Flexibility in hours 
  • Ability to work from home 
  • Being paid well  ( over 100k/ year)
  • Work on creative projects 
  • Be an Independent contributor. 
  • Plenty of vacation time 

To be quite honest my current job checks a lot of those boxes, and I am grateful for that. But the whole point of the challenge is to grow, and expand. Where I am is nice but how much better would it be at the next level? Full disclosure I ultimately want to have my own business and work for myself but for the time being I would be pretty happy if can find opportunity that has all the above qualities.

What has worked in the past:

I have a friend who always has the most amazing jobs, out of college she landed a job in NYC and moved why I was still working at Dave and Busters. Then a few years later she packed her stuff and moved abroad and landed a job at a designer fashion label.  I remember saying to her “how did you land that job?” And I will never forget her reply, she shrugged and said “I don’t know”. I pressed further, “Well you must have met all the qualifications right?” Her answer “Mmmm not really, I didn’t really meet most of the qualifications but I applied anyway.”  My jaw hit the floor. I was in awe by her fearlessness. It didn’t matter to her if she was qualified not she wanted that job and she got it, end of story. That is something that stuck with me and have served me well. 

What hasn’t worked:

See that story above? Well for a while I forgot that lesson. I got into the mentality that I had to “work hard and wait my turn” and take a roles that is “ good for now “ this led me into taking roles that I was over qualified for or take a pay cut with the promise of riches later on in the future. With age comes wisdom I have realized that there is one thing that employers do, lie.  A lot of times they don’t it maliciously but a lie is a lie. There will be more on this later on but in a nutshell I forgot my worth and just took what I was given.

Career Goals 

  • Find 1 small creative project ( paid or non-paid)
  • Build on Excel skills to align with my desired promotion 
  • Create a workspace that I can use as a WFH environment

Have you found your dream job? If so what techniques did to you to acquire it? If your still searching, what does your idea role look like? Drop a comment below! Day 10 complete

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