Day 9 Spirituality Goals

I really pondered whether I so even include my spiritual goals because it is so personal. I really want to be authentic as possible and the fact is spirituality has consistently grown to be a bigger part of my life.

When the ish hit the fan I remember crying asking god, why me? What did I do so bad to deserve all the unwanted things in my life? Many people say god doesn’t give you more than you can handle but boy did he come close.

For the record I do believe in a higher power. Everytime I look at a beautiful sunset or out into the ocean I know that these is a higher power making all this happen far beyond the mortal man.

I also believe in LOA, I have manifested many wonderful things into my life before the ish hit the fan and after.

If you believe in a higher power great, if you believe in LOA that’s cool too. To each their own just don’t rain on my parade.

What has worked: Honestly meditation has changed life. I try to meditate everyday. Now this is not sitting in a dark room with patchouli incense while listening to Tibetan signing bowls. I literally sit at my desk at work for 5 mins before I start my day. I usually sit w my headphones on so im not disturbed, something I listen to music sometimes I don’t. That 5 mins gives me space in my mind. It calms the anxiety for the 10 things I was supposed to do but I didn’t, the traffic filled commute, and my lunch that is still on my kitchen counter. Meditation gives me a chance to reset my energy and 5 mins is really all I need. There are some 10 days or I might do another 5 mins at lunch if it’s and extra stressful day.

What didn’t work: when I first started my spiritual journey there were so many new ideas and concepts that resonated with me. For a while I started feeling myself, basking in my enlightenment. I didn’t want to be around “traditional” sheeple; those stuck in the matrix trying to force their social norms on me. I was sooooooo extra lol. So above as below. I had to learn tact and temperance to my approach. I wanted to be different, different just like all of those people who think like be. And exact copy of their differentness (its a word google it).

Spiritual Goal: My goal is the try and strengthen my connection with my intuition and the most high. I want to be able to see the signs and synchronicities to help me on my journey. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to do accomplish this goal but I’m pretty sure that’s the point…. Hmm maybe its working already…..

My intuition is telling me that Day 9 is done.

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