Day 3: Goal Setting or setting up for failure?

Got Goals?

Of course what self respecting, red blooded american doesn’t have goals? I have long goal, short goals, mini goals, stretch goals, smart goals, insta-goals, bae-goals…..and bagels ( see what I did there).

And where so most self respecting abundant co-creating american put these goals?? On a vision board of course! Every year I make a virtual vision board on Pinterest and every year it goes pretty much unfulfilled.

But how Sway?

I’m smart, motivated, ready to change my life. Why am I not manifesting anything on my magical board?

Here are some pins from my virtual vision board:

When I thought about this challenge and my goal one of the first questions was, “why am I choose this goal?” When I look at my vision board and ask myself, why did I choose this pin? It makes total sense why not may things manifested into my life. Lets take the purple jeep to start, I have always wanted a truck or 4 wheel drive vehicle. The idea of the jeep was cool because they are pretty rare on the roads and id look dope in the summer riding around with the music blasting. Now if you asked me what I want in a car I would say a truck or hybrid vehicle. It must have tons of buttons in the dash, power everything and a smooth cloud like ride. The jeep compared to what I actually want in a car are total opposites with the exception that they are both trucks.

Next is the woman in the bathing suit, I want to be fit and have beautiful bouncy waist length curls. Now there is nothing wrong with the pic except for its probably photoshopped. 99% sure its photoshopped. I know I do not want to hold my self to an image that I’m sure the model doesn’t even look like in real life. My goal now is to be healthy, I want to be fit, I want to run a 10 min mile.

Secondly do I really even want waist length hair? All of these Instagram photos and YouTube “hair gurus” got me feeling a certain type of way. I forgot I’ve HAD waist length hair multiple times in my life. Each time I’ve said its too much and cut it off. I remember I had a rule that every time my hair was past my elbows it needed to be cut. Long hair is beautiful, until you have to style it. Maybe I grow it out maybe I won’t but it is certainly not a goal anymore.

The beach front dinner ….. I’m still not sure why I pinned it. Its beautiful, but its not relevant to anything I want to creat in my life. Yes if I had a formal dinner on the beach I would like it to looked like that….. But once again why would I have a formal dinner on the beach?

I got the job and meditation post. Now these things have actually come into my life. I recently got a new role with my current employer and I am actively working on deepening my meditation practice and creating a dedicated space.

Are vision boards bad? Absolutely not. I love my vision boards and will continue to use them every year. The difference is what I am choosing to put on my board and the why behind it. I still have beautiful scenes but they are of ACTUAL places I really want to see. For 2020 there will be short term, long term, stretch and fantasy goals included on my board that reflect who I am and want to become rather than what is pretty and trending. I have just scratched the surface on goals there will be more to come.

As you start you 2020 goal setting will you be incorporating vision boards? Have they worked for you in the past?

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