Where should I start??

Where should I start? Hmmm. Starting from the beginning beginning is a whole undertaking, that’s another story for another day. 2017…..2017 is the year when my life completely and totally fell apart. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, I was drained. I was beyond broke, my relationship ended and I lost my home it was bad y’all.  Anything that could go wrong did and I lost myself. I was for the lack of better words; in the sunken place. I could not see any way out every where I turned was obstacle after obstacle. Over the last 2 years I have worked and tried my hardest to get back to a “normal” place.

The last 2 two years have been hard, very hard. But it has also taught me so much. Little by little light has started creeping back into my life.

The other day (like Tuesday) while I was driving I had a thought. I remembered a YouTube video from Shameless Maya where she declared she would shamelessly promote herself for 1 year just to see what would happen. I remembered being so inspired by her and the video but like most thing I said, “I could never do that”. I watched her journey though her ups and downs from the shadows only wishing I could be so bold.

But on Tuesday it felt different.

What would happen is I promoted myself for 1 year? Not in the shameless Maya way (I have my issues with being on camera) but in my own way. What would happen if for 365 days I dedicated to myself to creating the life I want to life instead of watching someone else do it. That was Tuesday, on Wednesday I bought this url and created the blog. Thursday and Friday was a little dicey but I was thinking about how I wanted to approach this whole thing. And here we are on Saturday. I’m sitting in at a swim meet as I type this. Go Marlins.

This blog may not be the prettiest or well written cause i have no idea what I’m doing. But I’m going to try, I’m doing this for me because if I don’t fill my cup no one will. If I’m the only person to read this blog that’s ok too. If I can help one or two people who feel like they are drowning then its totally worth it. So today will be day 1, I wrote my first blog post instead of just thinking about how I want to write my first blog post. Worrying if ppl will like my first blog post. What if my post doesn’t get read? What if my witty nature doesn’t translate in writing? Monday is really a better day to start new things I should just wait till then….. What Monday is a holiday so Tuesday…..I had to dead all those thoughts and just do it. Day 1 done.

Watch Shameless Maya’s video here

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